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Coconut Karma Portable Coconut Oil

We are making your life easier, one coconut at a time! Coconut Karma is creating natural, ayurvedic-inspired products that are clean and convenient. Our portable coconut oil pouch contains certified organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil in a perfectly sized squeezable pouch. And the best part? It can travel with you, on all your adventures! It also has a re-sealable cap - so use a little or use a lot!

Coconut Karma portable coconut oil is now available on Visit our Buy page to learn more.

**Additional Coconut Karma products are coming soon! Check back on our site for updates on products coming soon as well as launch release dates.**


About Coconut Karma

Coconut Karma launched in April 2017 and is the blossoming health and wellness sister brand to Coconut Cloud. Coconut Karma is on a mission to create natural, ayurvedic-inspired products that are clean and convenient; all inspired by the superfood power of coconuts.


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Kerry Carlson, Founder and President -